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About Us is free website that helps you search the best deals for pet products online. At our core, we help you effortlessly compare prices for thousands of pet products, so you can save money and time to spend with your beloved pet!

For many years, we spent countless hours scouring pet shops to find the cheapest prices for our pets. It was manual, draining, and super repetitive. You know the drill. So one day, we wondered whether it was possible to automate this whole price comparison process. And that’s exactly what we did!

We built to tirelessly hunt down prices from dozens online pet shops around Australia and catalog them on our website each and every night. What you get is a single easy location to search for the cheapest pet products available online.

From flea and tick treatments to pet food and treats, you can view all the prices and compare them side by side. It’s completely transparent.

We don't sell any products ourselves. Once you locate the pet product you’re after at the best price, you’ll be seamlessly redirected straight to the pet shop where you can purchase the product.

Then go right back to giving tender loving care to your pet!